Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Gross

Yesterday I did a thing which should have been done long ago: I cleaned my fridge. We moved into this duplex last August, and this is the first time that I've cleaned the fridge. Yuck! I advise you to not follow my example. There was all sorts of colorful ickiness to be found. It took me a good hour to clean, but I feel much better about my refrigerated life now. That's The Gross.

Onto The Good and The Bad. Jonas and I may have an opportunity to become "Resident Managers" of an apartment complex downtown near campus. If we secured the position, we would have free rent PLUS get paid $1000/month. That's about what I make right now at my pathetically paid position. This would also be a great plus for Jonas, who currently has to take about half an hour to commute between school and home. You're probably asking yourself, "So what's the bad part?" The bad part is that we'd be downsizing our home from a two-level three bedroom to a one-level two bedroom, with probably not nearly the storage space we have now. I have come to really love our duplex. It is very spacious, with lots of storage, a garage, well-kept lawn surrounding, and in a nice neighborhood that's close to many things we access frequently (excepting campus). I also really like our ward and the friends we've made here. AND, my sister Amy and her family are moving just two blocks away from our present location. I know, I know, we'd still be in the same city, but I am really looking forward to having family close by. Since Jonas and I have been married, we've not lived near much family, besides my awesome brother, Joel. Love you, bro! And of course, friends can be made wherever we go. I am not fond of the idea of living downtown, surrounded by college students, and right next to the hospital. Of course, the hospital is moving locations, so that's not a good argument. Here's the real clincher. It would save us approximately $48,000 if we took this position. That is a LOT of money. So why am I even debating the issue? Because I've been spoiled in a beautiful, spacious three-bedroom duplex that provides storage and room to grow, which we are with a baby expected in January/February.

So there's my Good and Bad. We are going to meet with the manager next week to look over the place and talk about responsibilities, etc. I'll have a better idea of what to expect after that. Your thoughts?

On a side note, I finished my dance class yesterday. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over. It will be nice to have no obligations on my days off of work, not that I'm working much longer! Hooray!!!!
Here's a random Kjersten video for your enjoyment. She's reading "Calvin and Hobbes."


amydear said...

That IS gross! I have to clean my fridge very soon, but I just did it a couple of months ago. I was thinking more about the manager thing. I would find out exactly where your apartment is and how close it is to potentially partying students. I wouldn't want to live too close to that! That's a big savings in money, but how big a drop in your quality of life? If it's not much, then you should go for it! Of course, I hope you stay close by. Kara's been "reading" a ton since we got back from Oregon. It's her favorite activity. I wonder if she got it from Kjersten.

Michael Family said...

That's a big deal to get free rent plus money! If it's not too much work to live there, I would go for it. It would probably be worth it to save so much money.

Good thing mom doesn't read your blog, or she would be horrified at the fridge thing! :)