Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good times, good times

Being a stay-at-home mom has been a blast these first few weeks. Since my sister, Amy, moved into town, we've been playing a lot. I've meant to take pictures all along the way, and she finally brought the camera to the wading pool we went to last week. My sweet niece, Jillian, and funny nephew, Hayden, are posing with Kjersten and me. Amy and I also walk and bike together a couple of mornings a week, and we're planning a picnic sometime this week too. So fun to have family and friends to play with!

Kjersten is really warming up to her cousins, and to other people in general. She used to whine and cry whenever I would hold another baby, but while I was watching Amy's and Kyle's kids and holding Kara, Kjersten didn't fuss at all. We also go swimming with our friends, Britney and Annie about once a week. Kjersten voluntarily went to Britney and rode on a noodle with her in the pool. It was great! I'm feeling more confident that Kjersten won't be overly upset when we have our second baby, though I'm sure she'll be sad about the decreased amount of attention in her direction.

We're all gearing up for our big Spokane/Montana trip next week. My four siblings, their families, and my parents are meeting up at my sister Lisa's home for a fun-filled week of camping, rafting, huckleberry picking, hiking, and lots of crazy kid playing. It's gonna be great!

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