Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Jonas and I just got back from our very first night away from Kjersten. July 9 was our fourth anniversary and we went to Portland for a romantic little getaway. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling 100%, but we still had a nice relaxing time. I think I got a bit of Kjersten's sick bug. We went to IKEA for some dishes and the Woodburn Outlet Malls for some much-needed sandals. We stayed at the Mt Scott Manor, a bed & breakfast in Happy Valley in a person's 7,000 square foot home. It was very nice; the backyard looked into a wooded area, and we saw a raccoon and a mama deer with her fawn. They also have about eight roosters, a peacock, and new chicks. I didn't get to see the chicks though. For dinner, we drove into Portland to the Pearl District, where there are a lot of galleries and such. We went to a delicious French restaurant called Le Bouchon. I highly recommend it. I had a quail dish that was so good, but very rich. I couldn't even eat half of it, mostly because of my upset stomach. All in all, it was a great escape for Jonas and I, to just relax, not worry about Kjersten, just be friends together. Well, we kissed too.


amydear said...

I'm glad you had a nice getaway. Sorry you weren't feeling great. Happy 4th Anniversary! We spent our 10th cleaning the house. Oh, and we kissed. Hee hee.

Sarah L. said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are getting old. Sheesh. I'm glad you kissed.

Michael Family said...

how fun! that sounds great. I didn't know you had so many updates--I think my google reader didn't pick them up after you changed your settings. I'l glad it's back!