Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sick baby, sad parents

Our poor Kjersten had a bad sick day. She threw up multiple times and was very lethargic. This was the first time she has been sick like this. Jonas and I enjoyed all the snuggles we got, but it's hard to see little ones suffer. We got pretty good at the vomiting protocol by the end of the day. I'm hoping for a good night of sleep, but not counting on it. So I'm going to bed now, and it's not even 9:30 yet! Bon soir!


Sarah L. said...

I'm sorry she's sick. I hope you all get some sleep!!!

amydear said...

Glad little KJ is starting to feel better today. Oh wait, we're not calling her that, right? : ) It was fun to chill with ya.

Britney said...

I hope that Kjersten will be better soon!! If I can help let me know! Are you so happy to be done with work!! Yeah, it is almost your bday, talk to you soon!! p.s we need to go on some more walks, I am gaining weight around the middle :)