Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby widget

I think this baby widget is a little silly. My friend Britney has the same thing on her blog. She's due in under 30 days and her baby isn't filling up the circle womb; it looks like maybe it's 3 pounds. I'm a little disappointed.

On a happier note, the sun is back out, but it's going to get up to only 74 today. Weird August weather, in my opinion. It'd be fun to go swimming again, but it's a bit chilly right now.

Thanks to my generous sister, Amy, I sewed some cloth bibs for Kjersten. We had purchased some plastic ones in the past for her, but despite my cleaning them as directed, they stink (as in smell)!!!! Wal-Mart had a good sale on some kitchen towels, so we picked some up and made some bibs. It took me two hours to make three bibs. I think Amy can do three in about an hour. :) My seams are not straight, and that darn curve in the neck gave me some trouble, but I am so proud!!! This is my second sewing project since the wipes, and while I stink at sewing, I really enjoy it. Too bad money's too tight to buy a sewing machine, but hopefully one day we'll be able to afford one! I have three bibs left to sew and then I'll throw away those stinky bibs.

On a side note, the diaper sprayer is incredibly powerful. My sister Marisa guessed that poop would go everywhere, and she was right on the first couple of tries. (GROSS!!!!) Thank goodness for disinfecting wipes. I think I have the spray technique figured out now, though. The sprayer is very nice to have.

Finally, I've really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom with Kjersten, but I feel that my life is self-centered. We run errands, clean house, play, do some projects. I rarely am involved with others except for church, and I want to change that. Maybe some volunteer opportunities or something. I do miss work and being involved in helping others. I'm still going to look for a per diem or one-day-a-week job with a hospice company. But now, I need to put my niece down for a nap.


amydear said...

Or not a nap, as the case was. The bibs look GREAT! I hope you like them. Poo sprayers are grody, and every year I try and think of a way to have a job. Haven't come up with one yet. Of course, three kids takes more time than one. You'll have a lot more to do with 3 soon enough!

The Gardners said...

Your bibs look awesome. Good job. About the widget, I saw some really cute ones at babynamey.com and also at lilypie.com. NOT that you need to change yours, but if it's bothering you then you could check out those options. (oh, I also have a ticker on my blog if you like that kind).