Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On second thought

So I've been cloth diapering for about a month now, and I thought I'd give an update. There are pros and cons, of course. The good side is that Kjersten's bootie is much larger, and the bad side is that Kjersten's bootie is much larger. Just kidding. I'm indifferent to the size of the bootie, although I did have to give away two pairs of shorts that looked too ridiculous with her big diaper sticking out of the top of her shorts.

The good side is that Kjersten's skin really does look better with these diapers. She has a history of eczema, and her skin is looking clear and soft. I like not throwing away diapers and wipes, though we do use disposables occasionally and when traveling. The bad side is the poopy diapers, especially those that aren't solid. Yuck for clean up! I ordered something called a diaper sprayer. After reading a ton of reviews, everyone raved about how wonderful they are for messy diapers, so I'm excited for that addition to our cloth diapering adventure. The flannel wipes I made are not the best for messy diapers either. I may buy some nicer wipes to try them out. They have cool ones that are terry cloth on one side and a high-quality flannel that they claim can not be purchased at "your local fabric store."

Upon reflection, I wish I had approached this cloth diapering experience differently. I bought 18 of the BumGenius diapers, and that's all we have. They are really great diapers, high quality, and can fit newborns to potty-trained with the neat snap system. I do wish that I had purchased maybe six of those and then some prefolds with different plastic coverings. There are so many options for cloth diapering; it's a little overwhelming really. There are all-in-ones, pockets, prefolds, multiple plastic coverings, hemp, wool, organic, etc. How is one to choose? Hence I wish I would have gotten a couple of each to see what I liked. But the BumGenius diapers are a great transition diaper from disposables to cloth, since they are the most like disposable diapers.

One an Olympic note, I love the Olympics!!! So fun to watch! The Chinese are the most beautiful divers in my opinion. I am ticked at the scoring for women's gymnastics. What is with Cheng Fei or whatever her name is getting all those medals with her falls and balance checks? Lame sauce. Yeah for Shawn Johnson getting a gold on beam. She seems very mature to me: focused for competition, but smiling and friendly when not performing. I think Nastia Luikin is the most elegant; her legs go on forever! But I second my sister's opinion that gymnasts need help on turning and general elegance. Of course, maybe gymnasts don't want to be more elegant, and that's fine, but really. How can they not complete a full turn on the beam but flip and twist everywhere and land it well? Makes no sense to me. I would love to give workshops on proper turning technique.

In the track and field realm, I want a body like a track star. Wow, those women are amazing!!!! I confess, I'm envious of nice arms and abs. The arms I could get if I really tried, but abs seem to be beyond me. Oh well. No one sees my abs anyway. Usain Bolt is the most amazing runner I have ever seen, but that's not saying much. His build reminds me of a long-distance runner. He looks so effortless when he runs. Wish he weren't so cocky. I like to see fast white people. Let me rephrase that: I like to see that white people can be as fast as black people. I'm not even going to try and qualify that.

Lastly, if you've even made it this far, I am really excited to watch rhythmic gymnastics. There is a lady from Spain(?) who is competing for the fourth time. Crazy! I like the acrobatics of gymnastics, but I'm eager to see elegance and insane flexibility.


Michael Family said...

Nice cloth diaper update. Hope the diaper sprayer works out. All I can envision is flecks of poop spraying everywhere when you squirt the diaper. I hope it's a little better than that. :)

Sarah L. said...

that is so you to do cloth diapers. I love it. We don't have tv so I haven't seen any of the olympics. I feel sad about that oh well. Have a great cougar eating your leg and then getting a fake leg day:)

Lexi said...

I am not adventurous enough to cloth diaper. You are my hero! We got a potty instead and are working on the out the "poopoo" and "peepee" into the potty concept (she says it so cute). Hope it keeps going good. Is it a lot more work/time for you?