Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're baaaack!

Hello again friends. We pulled in last night around 6 pm, and are so happy to be home, mostly to sleep in our own bed. Spokane and Montana were great! Kjersten traveled and slept fairly well, and had a great time with her eight cousins and the new toys at the different homes. We're all happy to be home, but I'm discovering that Kjersten needs some new toys. The ones we have are getting too young for her, but she still loves her puppy dogs and animal toys.

I didn't take very many pictures which was lazy of me, but it seemed like my dad always had his camera out. I'm hoping he'll send me a burned CD of the pictures and videos soon, though there will have to be more than one CD because there are so many!

We also got to visit with Jonas' family for a couple of days, and those pictures are posted for your viewing enjoyment. Goombaw (grandma) has a tradition of taking the grandkids to downtown Spokane to play on the carousel, big red wagon, and new water fountain play area. Kjersten loved it! Well, she was nervous on the carousel and snuggled me pretty tightly (love that!), but she had fun on the red wagon and playing in the water, of course. Kjersten loves to splash. Meisha, Kjersten's aunt and Jonas' sister, came to play with us too. Kjersten is still talking about the "carouselt." Thanks for a fun time, Goombaw!

One more bit. Goombaw has a HUGE stuffed puppy that Kjersten adored right way. She ran over to it and said, "Ride the puppy!" She climbed on and commenced hopping up and down. This dog is at least twice her size, maybe three times. She wrestled with it, rolled with it, dragged it around the basement. It was really cute. The end.

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Michael Family said...

I remember when James was about that age, all of the sudden all his toys were too babyish. Thank goodness for birthdays and new toys!