Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poor Kjersten is going through her third cold of the summer. Last winter season, it seemed like she had one every two months or so. I think I need to help her wash her hands more often. I remember thinking at the beginning of the summer, "Oh good. We'll be done with colds for awhile." Thankfully, her colds aren't too incapacitating or inconvenient. Just a lot of nose wiping. We have a "cold protocol" we follow including using the humidifier and propping up one side of her mattress. I'm not certain that the mattress propping is very effective, as I often find her on the down side of the mattress, but it makes me feel like I'm doing what I can.

I know I post a lot about Kjersten, but I think she's the cutest thing! She's doing a new thing with her "no's." She says it in a sort of growly, raspy voice, which is so funny to me because she generally has a very sweet, high-pitched voice. Her intonations are so funny too, and she talks all day long. I remember from time to time that we'll soon be entering the "terrible two's," but I'm not worried about it, and I'm trying to not expect her to be terrible. She really is a sweet girl who is fairly good at obeying and can be reasoned with. She's gaining the concept of consequences, I know. I love being with, taking her out on errands and such. She's just a lot of fun!

The picture is of her in her high chair (which I love because it's on wheels and can be lowered or raised) with her three favorite animals: Pup Pup, Carter, and Boo Bear. Boo Bear was my bear growing up. Sometimes she calls him Poo Bear, and I promptly correct her. I myself am not a Winnie the Pooh fan. She is mid-bounce in this picture, and I love the absolute joy on her face. The other picture is of her friend, Annie, who is just two weeks younger than Kjersten. They don't play so much together as near each other, but they get along well enough.


Michael Family said...

Maybe Kjersten has allergies--not a cold. Every summer I thought I kept getting colds, til the doctor told me it was allergies. It made a lot more sense to me.

I am not a Winnie the Pooh fan either. I'm with ya.

The Clarks said...

Kjersten is the cutest thing!
Good to hear from you again! Brooke's website is Lowrylore.wordpress.com
She'd love to hear from you. Her email is 2brookelowry@gmail.com
Just a warning, she isn't good at getting back to people. But she is PREGNANT! So she has an excuse! Hey - congrats on your big news!
Always good to hear from you!

Britney said...

cute pictures!! I always post about annie, kids are so much fun to talk about!! Yeah, you are just about half way through your prego days, crazy to think that huh? Are you going to find out what you are having this time..... I think it is a girl :) Do I get a prize if I am right?

The Gardners said...

Cute pictures. I always love to see little Kjersten and still can't believe sometimes that they were born on the same no. I'd love to hear her little voice and inflections. Gracie says the most entitled, "thank you" I've ever heard. I love it.
About moving the picture down, I just click and drag pictures down below the text. I also do that to change the order of pics when I have multiple pictures.
Come to think of it though, maybe you already figured that out since your last post. Good luck with the baby- have you been feeling movement yet?

amydear said...

It's all about cut and paste, darling. I love Annie's smirk. So fun to know those two girls. Make sure your humidifier filter is clean or it actually makes the air dirty. I wouldn't think it's dry enough here to even need a humidifier, but who knows??! Those things baffle me.

Sarah L. said...

I didn't know that you didn't like winnie the pooh ;) kjersten is way cute. I like 2s I dont think they are terrible I just think that the kids are exploring what it means to be alive and of coarse to test every boundary ;) Thanks for your comments on Ashers school. How do become a follower on blogger?