Monday, October 6, 2008

A belly picture just for you

Hello friends! I finally got my act together and had Jonas take a picture of my belly progression. I am officially 24 weeks along now. That's all I have to say about that.

This weekend was wonderful and exhausting! Jonas woke up with a stomach ache Saturday morning. Kjersten and I cleaned, did laundry, and I took her to an indoor co-op playground. I love it! More on that for another blog. Anyway, Kj and I came home, I fed her lunch, and put her down for her nap. She was pretty quiet, which is unusual. Five-ten minutes later I hear her crying. Jonas advised to just let her be, which I normally do, but this cry was different. I went in her room only to see her throwing up in her crib, poor thing. She spent the next six hours throwing up about every half hour. Thankfully she was able to drink in between, so she didn't get too dehydrated, and while she was lethargic, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was the last time around. Jonas helped with all the fun clean up, and by her bedtime, she was done. Yeah! We all got to sleep through the night!

Jonas still didn't feel 100% yesterday. Yeah for Conference weekend and the Internet. The new broadcasting they have was wonderful, without all those stops and pauses. I took two naps yesterday, and probably slept three hours; it was amazing! I think my body's trying to fight off being sick. My eldest sister's in-laws live here and they invited us over for dinner and entertainment. They are true cowboy singers, and Van writes cowboy poetry. Cathy has such a pure, simple voice. It is really delightful to listen to them. So all in all, the weekend ended very well. I didn't have to make the great dinner I got to eat, and was entertained with acoustic guitar and gentle singing while surrounded by people I love who love me too. What could be better? If Jonas had been there, it would have been complete.

I feel a little icky today, but nothing incapacitating. I can still do laundry and dishes. :) So, now that you heard about my weekend, how was yours?


amydear said...

You look so cute -- and tiny -- in this picture! My weekend, especially the Sunday evening part, sounds remarkable like yours. Huh.

Michael Family said...

Ew yuck. Nothing is worse than a little kid vomiting. I hope you don't get sick. And you look so cute!

Britney said...

I am glad that everyone is feeling better!! I like your belly,I love prego belly pictures! Hopefully soon we can get the girls together to play near each other :)

Lexi said...

No fare wearing black--it's so slimming! Oh wait, you're just tiny! Lookin' good girl!