Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your guidance needed, O Great Mommies

Here's my dilemma: Kjersten will be two next month and she seems too big to be in a crib. Many of her peers are switching over to beds or toddler beds, and I'm wondering if we should do the same. Her crib is the big, normal-sized one that can convert into a bed. I love it! Click here if you want to see it. It's from IKEA, and it came with guard rails and all that jazz, but I digress. The dilemma is that Kjersten is a very sweet-tempered girl. She has never tried to crawl out of her crib, but she does take quite awhile to fall asleep for naptime and bedtime, up to half an hour. I worry that if the crib is done away with, she'll never take a nap! And she doesn't know the difference between a crib and a bed; she's only ever slept in the crib anyway. Is there any benefit to changing her crib to a bed? Would I just be creating more anxiety and trouble by switching to a bed? Your comments, suggestions, advice eagerly accepted.


Sarah L. said...

I had to change Asher because Graham was going to need his crib when he was born. If she shows no sign of crawling out I would just wait. There is no hurry to get them out. They won't be developomentally weird or anything. I say keep her in until she seems ready and interested in making her bed a "big girl" bed:)

Michael Family said...

Well, technically the crib and the toddler bed are the exact same size, so since she isn't crawling out, why switch? Naps are usually gone with the toddler bed introduction, which is a sad, sad day.

The Gardners said...

We just made the switch. Here are my pros and cons
-Gracie is sleeping better at night (as in usually sleeping all night every night- she was a little more sporadic in her crib).
- She won't feel like her bed is being taken away from her when baby #2 comes.
- Gracie expressed a desire to be in a bed rather than a crib.
naps and bedtime (initially putting her down) have been a little extra difficult but I think we're getting the hang of it.
Overall, I wouldn't say that Kjersten needs to switch just out of age reasons. I would do what is easiest for you. Maybe try the nap thing a couple of times on your bed and see how she does. But don't feel bad if it seems too overwhelming for either of you right now.

amydear said...

2 is still kind of young for a bed. I agree with your wise sister who said since the mattress is the same size, why switch? Especially since she's been having trouble napping. Changing from a crib to a bed would just make it more fun to stay up. I'm sure you'll figure it out, since you're a pretty wise Mommy yourself.

Sarah L. said...

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Sarah L. said...

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