Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super duper fun weekend

Hello all! Jonas, Kjersten, fetus, and I just had a great weekend together. Jo's (insert Jonas edit here: I spell my name "Joe." Shauna doesn't like it, but there it is. Thanks, we're gonna move on now.) parents, Goombaw and Papa, came to town to help us celebrate Kjersten's birthday. They also brought some much-needed items for Mandi and us. Thank you Goombaw and Papa!

Kjersten's birthday was on Friday, and it was a great day. We drove up to Salem to go on the carousel. Kj has liked carousels after her first encounter with them this past summer in Spokane. She got to ride three times! The first was on a bench, the second on a horse that didn't go up and down, and the third on a zebra that did go up and down. There was great progression on the carousel that day. It's funny to watch her on the carousel. She doesn't smile at all, but has a sort of serious expression, but she kept wanting to go on it. We also enjoyed a picnic in the park next to the carousel and played on the playground there. Then we drove to Silver Falls State Park and went on a little hike. We saw three or four waterfalls in about one mile of walking! The falls aren't spectacular this time of year, but the colors were beautiful. We found some huge leaves, and Kj held onto one for the entire hike. We didn't make it to our church's Harvest Party that evening; we were just too tired after playing all day, so Kj didn't get to wear her giraffe costume this year. Oh well.

Saturday was Kj's party. Everyone was a big help getting ready for it, and it was fun. Jonas did an awesome job on the giraffe cake, and Kj hauled in three more giraffes to her collection. She's a happy camper. Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate Kjersten's birthday. We love to be with family and friends. That afternoon we went to a orchard/pumpkin patch. Sadly, we didn't get to do the hayride out to the pumpkin patch, but we had fun climbing on hay bales. Kjersten got a cart ride from Goombaw and Papa. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire weekend: couldn't have asked for better. It was so fun to play with family!


Michael Family said...

Joe is definitely manlier than Jo. Way cute cake. It turned out nice! And can't Kjersten wear her giraffe costume on Halloween? Was the ward party the only chance? I want to see a picture of her in it!

Goombaw & Papa said...

It was a great weekend! And you are right, the colors were absolutely spectacular! And of course listening to everyone attempt to read Patrick McManus books to each other is another of my personal favorite things to do when we visit! I haven't heard us all laugh that hard in a long time! It was awesome! Thanks for being amazing hosts! We love visiting you guys cause you spoil us! Love you!