Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday musings

1) I am addicted to chocolate and sugar generally. I'm sure this topic has popped up before, and will continue to do so throughout my blogging and physical history. I buy HUGE 10 pound bags of Ambrosia semi-dark chocolate chips from Costco. The 10 pound bag does not last nearly as long as it should. Chocolate chips are too easy to just reach in the bag and take out by the handful.
Do you know what I just did? I went to the freezer to check the size of the bag because I wasn't sure if it was 10 or 15 pounds. I was right about the 10 lbs, and yup, I grabbed yet another handful. My third in the last, oh, five or ten minutes.

2) We are going to have a wild and crazy weekend! Jonas' parents are coming down to visit and help celebrate Kjersten's 2nd birthday. I have hiking, carousel riding, church party, Kjersten party, and pumpkin patch planned in two days. Am I a scary hostess?

3) Kjersten's birthday is this weekend, and we're having a little party for her on Saturday. The theme will be a giraffe theme, of course. That is her current favorite animal, and her favorite color is orange, so it all works out very well. I'm planning on making a giraffe cake, but not optimistic that it will look cute or good. I am hopelessly flawed when it comes to arts and crafts: Mine were always the ugliest when we made all that stuff in Young Women's. BUT, the cake will taste good, gosh darn it! If it has a long neck, Kjersten will be happy.

4) I LOVE MY HUSBAND. I'm also very proud of my husband. He is in his second year of law school, and he's working two jobs. He is with us almost every evening to play with Kjersten for a couple of hours before she goes to bed. He did really well during an interview with a Spokane firm for a summer internship, and we are hoping things will work out there. Jonas and I would love to end up in Spokane or the area. We love it there. Jonas is loving and affectionate, a very dedicated father, a great brother and son, and he helps balance out my, shall we say, quirks.

5) I love sunshine in the fall.


Britney said...

I like Kjersten's piggys in the picture below. I just wanted to say that we had such a good time at your house on Sat. The game night is a great idea and it is nice that you have a big living room too!! You guys are great friends and we love living close to you!!

Michael Family said...

The giraffe cake will be cute! And yummy! And you could make it chocolate!

amydear said...

Somehow I overcame the "steal the chocolate chips from the bag" habit. I don't do it anymore. Ever. Weird, huh? I can't wait for the PARTY!!!

Sarah L. said...

Hey crazy girl. So I have another crazy experience posted. This prop 8 stuff is really wearing on me:)