Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You are now reading our 84th post. How do you feel about that?

The rainy season is upon us in Oregon. The pictures are of Kjersten and her veggie cousins playing in the leaves on our last dry day.

Also for your viewing pleasure is a picture of Kjersten in her giraffe costume. Thank goodness she has her cousin Kara to show her how to celebrate Halloween by dressing up, or I don't think Kjersten would have done it. The day after Halloween, she wore the costume almost all day long, including to Papa Murphy's to get some take-and-bake pizza. Who'd a thunk it? Not I. I'm considering buying her some costumes now while they're on sale for dress up. But then I just did our last month's budget and decided we don't need to buy anything extra.

Yeah for being in the third trimester! Boo for having appointments every two weeks. At least I am getting good medical care. I am so grateful for that. We'll see if I gained any weight these last two weeks. I am really trying to eat more, and fatty foods at that. Eating just isn't my favorite when I'm pregnant, but I'm not purposefully trying to restrict my diet. Blah.


amydear said...

I like that Jonas was so laid back on Saturday. It must have been all the skittles. Our Boo is being a bunny every day for a little bit. We have quite a few dress-ups we can loan out. You know where they are!

Michael Family said...

I love the leaves coming out of Hayden's nose. Nice. And congrats on gaining weight. You go girl!