Monday, November 17, 2008

So close

I gave myself a deadline of 3 pm today. If I hadn't heard back from the hospital by then, I was going to call. I got home from grocery shopping this morning at about 11 and decided I couldn't wait any longer. I spoke with Diane, the Director of Medical Social Work. She said that an internal applicant came up at the last moment who they decided to hire instead of me. Sigh. Really big, disappointed sigh. On the good side, I was the person they were going to hire, and she said they were really excited about me! Darn internal hiring. I thanked her for the opportunity, and said that if anything opened up in the future, I was definitely interested, so please keep my name on file, etc. It was a very pleasant conversation considering the subject matter. I consoled myself with a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from Schwanns, 1/2 hour of Sound of Music, and a nap. Kjersten doesn't seem to want to take hers, so I guess I'll get her out of her crib now.

On that note, I am sure glad we haven't switched Kjersten to a bed yet. I can still put her in her crib for a good 45 minutes even if she doesn't sleep. I usually nap for about 20 minutes a day, and get some Kjersten-free computer time. I'm bummed that she's phasing naps out already, but she's never been a big sleeper, so it's no surprise. And we can put her down a little earlier at night, which is nice.

Thank you everyone who voted on our baby poll!!!! It was fun to see what people guessed, although I have no idea who guessed what. Looks like most people think it will be a boy and come late. I personally voted for a boy coming early. :)

Still bummed about the job, but I know it will pass. I'm trusting Heavenly Father to lead the way, because I obviously don't know where I'm going.


Sarah L. said...

Don't you hate that. when you finally figure a plan that you think will work and to your dismay you find that it isn't H.F's plan. Well, it happens to all of us. It's ok. I have found that what he has in store is far better in ways that I couldn't see before. Stay positive

amydear said...

Maybe that little baby coming your way is going to need his or her Mommy's attention more than you know it! Good for you for seeking out opportunities. I hope you can see the good come out of your disappointment in time. And she STILL should have called you on Friday. : )

Michael Family said...

Oh, bummer. I am sad for you. At least you have ice cream. Hee hee. I hope something else works out!

Britney said...

Well, you didn't want that job anyway....ok, you probably did, but something else will work out for the better. Yes, we need to paint. I will call you!! Sorry about the job again :)