Friday, November 14, 2008


I was supposed to hear back about the job today and they still haven't called. As it is 5 pm, I assume that I won't hear back until Monday. I have been in suspense since Wednesday, and for this to continue for an entire weekend is torturous!


Sarah L. said...

Hang in there over the weekend. What did you tell them about the new baby coming and time off and all that?
ps i love the story about the broken bath toy:)

Britney said...

I am sorry about the job, waiting is never fun. But I must say that you looked lovely sitting with your primary class today in front of everyone!! Talk to you soon!

Sarah L. said...

Hey girl, I get my coupons in the paper and on line. There are tons of websites that you can print coupons from. You just have to google it and you'll find a lot:)