Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whose body would you choose?

So I was reading through the Runner's World magazine my sister gave to me (thanks Amy!), and on the cover is Lolo Jones, an Olympic track and field athlete. She's 26 years old like me, and of course has an amazing body. I contemplated for a time on the contrast between her body and mine, and I laughed. Here's a recent picture of my ever-expanding waistline (up to 142 pounds, thank you very much. I think I'll have no problem gaining the necessary 25 pounds by the time the baby comes, so the midwives are finally leaving me alone about weight gain), and Lolo Jones. Which would you choose? :) (You don't really have to leave a comment saying which one you would choose.)


amydear said...

You're pretty dang cute and you'll be thin in no time! You might never have Lolo's abs, but you'll have at least two cute babies. Congrats on the poundage. Keep eating!

Michael Family said...

I choose your body, because that's what I look like too. Hee hee!

Britney said...

Personally I think prego bellies are cute! And you look great! I hope you have fun at the museum, we miss you guys! Talk to you later!