Thursday, February 19, 2009

We made it!

Our trip to Washington was a success, thanks to my seester's portable DVD player and our friends in The Dalles. An eight-hour trip was nothing when it was just Jonas and me, but with two little ones, it's a whole different experience. Thankfully, Malia slept most of the way and Kjersten zoned out watching movies. I was so happy to get out of town for a little bit. The stay at my parent's was relaxing, and they were so kind to Kjersten, who unfortunately shot down most of their attempts at friendship. The wedding and all its festivities went well, but we didn't stay for the reception. Kjersten didn't nap that day and was melting down at 7 when it started. Sadly, I think we missed a good party, but reaped the benefits of leftovers. Yum!

I've been feeling a little blue lately and decided that I need to exercise everyday and take on some projects. I took the girls on a walk today and got some errands done, and I am determined to learn how to thread and actually use my sewing machine! I have fabric to make diaper pail and wet bags, and I purchased Christmas fabric to make stockings for next year. So, by next Friday my goals are to:
1) Do some form of exercise everyday, even if it's just stretching
2) Learn how to work my sewing machine
3) Start sewing my big diaper pail bags

Okay! I'll report next Friday. Have a good weekend! Monday is Jonas' birthday if you want to send him a happy birthday email. And this Saturday is the baby shower for Malia. Malia is going to be one well-dressed girl. Her wardrobe is looking better than Kjersten's already.


amydear said...

No more feeling blue! Let's go shopping. Or eat chocolate. Or exercise. I like all of those options. My services are available to you at all hours. Please call. Thanks for watching Kara today. She had a great time.

The Gardners said...

I'm glad to hear your long car trip went well. We've got one coming up and I'm a little nervous :)Happy sewing!

Britney said...

We had such a fun time at your house last night. Thanks for having us over! It is nice just to get together and hang out, we should do that more often :) YOu and your baby look so great!