Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Bons

What a great weekend we had! Our good friend, Lindsay Arbon (we call her and her husband "Our Bons") and her two little girls, Eden and Chloe, came to visit us and other family and friends this weekend. Eden and Kjersten had a blast playing together, and got along really well. Chloe, who is just four days older than Malia, slept most of the time. What a good baby she is! Lindsay and I hung out, fed kids, changed diapers, played outside, and talked and talked. We really miss having our friends live nearby.

On Saturday we celebrated Mandi's birthday. Mandi is Jonas' sister. I made dinner and a german chocolate cake from scratch. Yum yum! My frosting didn't set the first time, but my sage sister, Amy, advised me and I was able to salvage it in time for us to eat it!

Today after naptime we went on a walk at a local park where there were tons of magnolia trees in bloom. I love magnolia trees. The park was very fragrant, the temperature was warm, lots of families out enjoying the beautiful weather. Kjersten was a pill, but I still enjoyed myself. Speaking of a pill, it's almost 10 pm and she's still not asleep. Better go see what's wrong.


Maggie said...

I'm glad you got to have fun friends visit. How is Malia sleeping at night? I hope well. I'm ready to sleep through the night again. In answer to you question, I'm not sure if Gracie will have to wear glasses. Right now I would say no, but I've worn glasses/contacts since I was in 3rd grade, so I guess there is a good possibility. Justin just got his glasses a few years ago and just wears them to school.

Britney said...

It was fun to see Lindsey and how nice of you to let her stay! We will totally have to go up and meet her at the zoo this summer! All girls, yeah! sorry my daughter has a sharing problem :)

Klearbon said...

"do do do doodoo, do do dooo-dooo-doo..." heheh, cute song she was singing! I'm grateful for that water puddle and how it kept the girls busy! yeah for mud and water and sticks! Eden had fun watching the video!

Joel Deehr said...

I bet Jonas was fragrant too haha.