Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hola friends! There's nothing like sunshine and warm weather to lift the spirits and brighten the day.

Sorry I didn't report on my curtains last week. I didn't work on them because I was feeling ill and Jonas was studying A LOT for his finals. But he's all done now, as of this past Monday. It's wonderful!!!! Now he works full time, is home by 5:15, and is ours in the evenings and on weekends. Life is good. Back to the curtains though, I've hemmed the cotton material, so now I need to hem the suede material (makes the room darker), sew them together, and then sew the casing to go around the rod. My goal is to have that done by next weekend so I can actually put them up. I still need to sew the valance too, but all in good time. I should be sewing now instead of blogging because both my girls are asleep, but oh well. :)

I mentioned earlier that I've taken up road biking. I feel silly sharing this, but I got yet another bike. The first one I purchased I got online, and it was too big. I was able to sell it (thank goodness!), and this time I went to a couple of local shops, test rode different bikes, and ended up getting one that I'm really happy with. It's a Trek 1.2 WSD and it looks like this. This bike's name is Riker II. My friend, Renee also just got a road bike, so I have a biking buddy!!! Workout buddies make life so much more enjoyable. I was really happy with the help I got at the bike shop, and I'm happy with my purchase. And now that the warm weather is here, I'm excited to go for some long rides! (Well, as long as Little Miss I-won't-take-a-bottle will let me.)

Some people have asked for a Binky War update. I've let her cry it out many times, and she usually takes about half an hour, but she does go back to sleep. It's hard during the afternoon naps because I don't want her to wake up Kjersten, but then she gets little 30-45 minute naps that just aren't enough. I'm letting her cry it out right now for the first time during afternoon naptime. She'll probably wake up Kjersten, but oh well.

Can you believe that May is half over? I can't believe how quickly this year is going.


Michael Family said...

Yay for biking! I just got mine all ready to go today, so I want to start biking on Monday. Good luck with the curtains!

Joel Deehr said...

My roomate has this sweet road bike and I have the same desires. Maybe the government will all buy us road bikes, ha.

Joel Deehr said...

oh, reading closer, i see that you do have a road bike. congrats