Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sometimes I just can't think of a title for my post. Does that ever happen to you?

Update on the binky wars: Today I let Malia cry it out after she dropped the bink, and she went back to sleep in about five minutes. I've tried other times and it hasn't worked as well, but it does give me hope. Man, I hate listening to babies cry. Even though we're on our second child, I often feel like I don't "do" babies well.

And now an apology. In my Star Trek post, I commented at the beginning that there are only four people who read my blog. My friend, Cowboy, kindly pointed out that she was the sixth to comment on that post. Bad me. I'm working on not complaining at present, so my apologies for the disparaging remark.

My goal for this week is to sew Malia's curtains. I purchased the fabric last week, but this week is the real test. Sewing project #2 for me. I'm posting about it because it helps me to actually get it done.

Next Sunday is Mother's Day! Hooray for mothers everywhere!


Michael Family said...

Katie has that same shirt from Target. We should get a picture of all of them together. Do they make a size for Anne too? I should check.

Hey, you were just being humorous about 4 people reading the blog. It's like saying you only have 2 drops of milk left in the jug, or something like that. It's all good!

Jenni said...

I read your posts too Shauna! :) Keep it comin' girl!

amydear said...

How do the binky wars wage? I haven't seen much of you this week!