Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple core. Baltimore. Who's your friend?

I have no idea what that line is from. Do you know, Moose?

Anyway, we had a very fun weekend. J had a lot of canceled classes last week, so he got lots of homework done early and was able to play with us. We went to the temple and apple picking on Saturday, and it was the perfect day! We met up with the Petes and went to town (read: orchard), getting apples for a mere $.40/lb. AWESOME! I'm going to dry some and make applesauce with the rest. I love dried apples. I eat them like candy, and don't feel guilty! Apple picking is so satisfying too. The apples are positively bursting off of the branches, there are no thorns, and it takes five minutes to fill a five-pound bucket, as opposed to five hours for berries. We also picked up the obligatory pumpkins, but I don't want to put them outside because I don't want the squirrels to eat them. I want to buy fake pumpkins for outside. Enjoy the pics!

I love these two when they get together and are nice to each other. And I love how they have the same expression on their faces.

J and Kj HATE posed pictures, which is a shame because J is so photogenic. I thought this picture captured our personalities pretty well though.

Yummy baby ears!

The Bean modeling how to properly eat a fresh-picked apple.


Joel Deehr said...

Nice pics! I always think about calling you guys. I really need to call more. I like leaving notes on your blog though.

Michael Family said...

Your title is from that Chip N' Dale cartoon, the one with Clarice, the "hot" chipmunk. Do you remember that one? But I think it came from somewhere else before that.

Britney said...

I am sad we missed out, but yeah for homemade applesauce. And I love the family picture! It made me laugh. We need to do another playdate!