Monday, October 5, 2009

The Autumnal Dance of Massage Goodness

Yay for sunshine!!!! Autumn is definitely upon us, and this week looks to be sunshiny and lovely. Fall is so beautiful here: the leaves are starting to change color, the farmer's market is bursting with natural goodness (have you tried apple/pears? Yum!), and I am dancing again. Hooray!!! Classes started last week, but I wasn't able to attend. I biked to campus today (5.28 miles), danced for 1 1/2 hours, and biked home. My muscles are tired! Resuming dancing is always a humbling experience because I can't make my body put the movements together the way I know it should look. But there is nothing like dancing, especially modern. It really works your body, using the core muscles to create a beautiful thing. I simply can't express in words my love for dance. I am truly happy when dancing.

I had a great weekend too. I don't remember what about Thursday was so good, but it was a good day. Friday was a GREAT day. Jonas is giving me a very wonderful and selfless gift of Friday afternoons to myself. So for my first Free Friday, as we've dubbed them, I got my hair trimmed and a massage. Ahhhh yes, a massage. I haven't had one in two years. It felt great, but I should have asked for "deep" instead of just "firm" touch. And an hour really isn't enough time for a full-body. :) And if I ever have a massage again, I'll request someone who doesn't smoke. He didn't smell too strongly, but cigarette smoke is an icky smell to me.

Funny story time! On the little shelf in the massage room there was a box of Kleenex, a writing tab to leave a tip, a box of Altoids, and a water bottle. After my massage I really wanted a drink of water, but saw that the seal had been opened, so I realized it was an employee's water bottle. I thought, "I'll take an Altoid for the road," opened up the box, made my selection, and walked out the door. The massage therapist was standing there with a cup of water (thoughtful man), and we bade each other good bye. As I walked down the hall, I looked in the other rooms and had the embarrassing realization that the other rooms didn't have boxes of Altoids in them. I stole an Altoid from the massage therapist! I laughed and felt bad. The end.

The rest of the weekend we hung out as a family, sort of listened to Conference, and relaxed. Lovely.

Kj is getting so big and much more sophisticated. She's so fun to watch. She loves to reinact any movie or DVD she's been watching. She recently got into Bob the Builder. Friday night I made popcorn and we watched "Finding Nemo." Today we played with fishy clips and since I was the blue one, I was Dori. She weaves all the different stories together: Arthur, Bob, Veggie Tales, Nemo. She is still not interested in potty training, and turns 3 this month!!!! I need some ideas.

Myanmar is cute, but challenging. She makes this screeching/squwaking sound down in her throat really loudly, and it can really grate on my ears at times. She's made some forward motion on her tummy, and I think she'll be crawling soon. She wants me to hold her all the time, but doesn't require much holding if Jonasty or Nan is taking care of her. But I love her square face, big eyes, and party hair. There's always a party on M's head.


Michael Family said...

Nice title. I love massages. I am glad you got one, along with the free Altoid. I just got a massage pillow for back and neck from Costco for $30, and that is my massage on the cheap. It was well worth the investment.

Joel Deehr said...

why do you guys call Malia myanmar?

Klearbon said...

love the comment about a party on her hair, made me laugh. Chloe likes to growl also. I call her little bear. She started to scoot forward on her tummy today, so we'll see how she does tomorrow! We miss you guys, and those apples sound sooo good!

Klearbon said...

oh and the Altoid thing was funny too!