Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beat my story, win a prize

Before I delve into the hilarity of this evening, I need to report that I successfully gave gifts to all those who responded to my blog gift giveaway in, oh, May, I think it was. I completed it a week or two ago. But for this post's giveaway, there's only one winner instead of five.

Ready for the story now?

Once upon a time, S married a man who had many capabilities and talents, but was still human. We shall call her husband J. One of J's shortcomings is not putting things in their "home," and therefore is constantly misplacing and losing items, large and small. Tonight, he misplaced a very large item: our car.

It had been a bit of a trying day with the girls, and I was past ready for reinforcements when I received a call from my beloved informing me that he couldn't find the car. He walked up and down nearby streets, but to no avail. I recommended he call the police, and I started to call towing companies, feeding one daughter Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner while the other daughter yelled at me. The first company I called did not give me an optimistic view; he stated it was unlikely that the car had been towed, as it was on the street and there weren't any towing signs posted. Sigh. Well, maybe we'll be able to buy a minivan, a purchase we would love to make, but can't justify at this point.

Thankfully, brother Tall Man was in the hood at the time, so could give J a ride home. J was dialing the phone to alert the police when Tall Man recommended one more look before calling it in. That Tall Man was always a good thinker. The car was found!!!

I admit, I suspected this would be the outcome all along, since J isn't known for his powers of perception or recall in domestic matters. I was worried that it had been stolen, though. Worried, and a little excited to get that newer, bigger car.

So, my challenge to you is, has your espoused one ever done something (for lack of a better word) stupider? If I think your story tops mine, I will send you a piece of jewelry created by my talented and well-dressed sister, Amy. You choose between earrings, bracelet, or necklace. Sorry, no body piercing jewelry provided. Bon chance!


Adee said...

That's hilarious! Poor J! My hubby is very similar. Why can't they just put things back in their "home" as you say it!? It sure makes life much more simple!

amydear said...

What? J is human?! This changes everything. Glad the car was found. Tall Man is too smart for his own good.

Michael Family said...

That is pretty darn funny. I wish I could top that. I will have to think and see if I remember anything that could trump your stupid husband story. We still love you, Mr. J.

Joel Deehr said...

Eh, I could see that happening. I sympathize with Jonas brother.