Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Isn't that a great word, snippets?

* We were without a kitchen faucet and dishwasher this weekend, and now that both are working, I am very grateful to have them.

* Yesterday was a great day. Kj has been very obedient lately and a joy to be around. We went for a walk, and ended up playing in the leaves behind our house. The weather was a bit windy, and there's a big tree with lots of small yellow leaves left on it. Every time a gust of wind blew, a flock? of leaves would come fluttering down. It was a blast running around in them and trying to catch them.

* M is almost done with her runny nose, I hope. She is starting to stand on her own too, which is fun to see. I love how little baby bellies hang out. She also likes to clap, mimic the sounds we make, and "hail" people (she raises one arm very deliberately in the air as if greeting you. It's a bit Hitler-esque, really). I raised my voice to Kj yesterday, and M responded with a little yell of her own. It makes me laugh now, but when Kj speaks unkindly to M, M yells back. I know it won't be funny later.

* My sis and I are going up to Portland this Friday night, and going to a museum and doing some shopping on Saturday, KID FREE!!!! I am sooo excited!

* I was basically awake at 3:15 this morning. Between M crying, the newborn fussing next door, and the train whistle blowing, I didn't get much sleep. And then I went swimming at 5:30. I got a little nap in this morning, but it was disappointingly short. Early bed for me tonight!

* I love my husband. He's starting to stress a bit with finals looming and work piling up, but each night when he comes home, he is totally devoted to us. He plays with the kids, helps clean up the house, and spends time with me. And he got an actual firm job offer from the firm he's been clerking with. Isn't that great? We are so blessed to have a job lined up in these uncertain times.

The end

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Michael Family said...

Those are good snippets! yay for a kid-free weekend. Can I fly up to Portland and meet up with you guys? Maybe we can get Lisa to come too.