Monday, November 9, 2009

I should be in bed but...

M doesn't allow me computer time, so I have to save it for when she's sleeping. Which is not very frequently lately. Lame sauce.

M is cutting her first tooth/teeth. Poor thing has a runny nose and maybe a sore throat, who knows with a baby?

K got a big bed and is soooo excited about it. Thanks to craigslist, we found a great reversible bed from IKEA that can be a loft bed. We bought it from a Swedish lady (so cool!), and J got to speak some Swedish with her. Kj isn't sleeping on the loft side yet. We'll rotate it when she's a bit older. J put the bed together while I was at church (he stayed home with sick kiddos), and K was so excited for her big bed, she climbed right in and announced that she was going to take a nap. K doesn't nap anymore, but it was cute to hear her say it.

The Swedish lady threw in the canopy that you see. The sun, moon, star look is really coming together, thanks to my sister lending us a cute shelf and some curtains.

It's fun that the holiday season has started!!! I'm excited to go to my friend's boutique this weekend and pick up some classy handmade crafty items. I love Thanksgiving. It's a great holiday.

Kj in her tiger costume. She is roaring in this picture. How cute is that?


Michael Family said...

What a fun bed! I love it! And Kj's roar! :)

Joel Deehr said...

haha! that picture of kjersten (is that how you spell it?) is awesome! Im saving that one.

Britney said...

I totally love the new bed, I would sleep in that! Thanks for coming to the boutique, and now we can play becuase it's over! Lets hang out!

A, M and S said...

So that is what Jonas was doing while you were at church. He SAID he was taking care of sick kids, but can we believe him?