Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catch you on the other side

Hi there! How was your Christmas? Ours was good: quiet, spent some time with the local fam, and ate lots of yummy-tasting food. The Petes had us over for Christmas Eve dinner, a delicious conglomeration of appetizers. We also joined them for Christmas brunch, including ableskivers, sausage, fruit, and hashbrowns. J and I realized we are bad parents because we did not take one picture of Christmas this year, and it was M's first Christmas! We also took down our Christmas decorations on Christmas night. "What scrooges you are!" you're thinking to yourself. It's not a normal occurence to strip the home of holiday cheer so quickly, but we are leaving town tomorrow, and had a lot to do yesterday. It was quite enjoyable, really. The girls were sleeping, which expedited the process quite nicely. J and I put on a movie, talked, and enjoyed catching up. Besides, we put up our decorations the day after Thanksgiving, so we had had a full month to enjoy them. Our poor tree hadn't drunken any water for two days by the time we took him down.

And so we leave tomorrow for the great land of California. I'm looking forward to new sites and sounds. I just hope M sleeps well. Those babies can make it or break it for vacations. See you in the New Year!


Britney said...

Have fun, we will miss you and drive safe!! Lets hang out when you get back!!

Maggie said...

Have fun in California. Hope your girls sleep well. We're on vacation now and our kids haven't slept very well... until last night. Ahhhh. Happy new year!

Debbie said...

I actually have a little time to comment. Love your blog and all the little things you put in it. I get a little snapshot of your life when I read it.
Love you!