Monday, January 4, 2010

Are you going to San Fran-sisco?

You're supposed to sing the song while reading my post title. You know, the one that's on the oldies station? BTW, have you ever wondered when music from the 80's will start being considered oldies?

Hi and Happy New Year! Are you going to say "20-10" or "two thousand ten?" I think I'll go with 20-10 myself.

My little family had great times in the Bay area with my seester, Moose, and her family. They were wonderful hosts. Getting there was a bit of a struggle: the car rental was difficult to get, but we ended up with a nicer car, a Toyota Sienna: Way bigger than what we needed, and so nice! I've been wanting a minivan ever since M was born. Coming back to our little (but reliable) sedan is very, um, cozy.

While in partly sunny, partly cloudy California, we went to Golden Gate park, the Jelly Belly Factory (I don't recommend this for children under 5), and a fun regional park called Tilden. Kj played very well with her 3-year old cousin, also a K, and M had fun with her baby cousin, A. We played games every night after the kids went down, and my broskee, Joel, visited for a couple of days too. Yay for family and good fun! J and I have a hard time remembering to bring the camera and take pictures, but we got a few pics. Enjoy!

My brother, Joel. This is not his most attractive pose, but he has a sweet spirit.

Sticks are so much cooler on the beach! Cousins J and K playing.

We didn't have any trouble spotting the pink cousins. They're only 3 months apart in age.

This is M looking up at me. How great are those adoring eyes?

Cousins J and K wanted to hold hands while riding on the carousel.

This is the face that Kj made when J asked her to smile. Poor dear has mommy's photogenic capabilities.

You know you want one of these hats.


Michael Family said...

Yeah, sorry about the lame sauce Jelly Belly. But I am glad you came, and it was so fun to have you visit!

Sarah L. said...

very cute and you seriously crack me up - he has a sweet spirit:))) I am still laughing. Looks like you all had a good Chirstmas and a fun trip up north. Any old time you want to come more South I'll house ya;))) k-bye
ps are you running?

Maggie said...

Cute pictures!. Your hair is getting so long! Looks like a fun trip.