Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well in the blogging world, and the real world for that matter. Life is swimming along for us, the girls ever growing and learning. I hosted Kj' first day at preschool yesterday, and it went really well. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures (which I am kicking myself repeatedly for), but I think the kids had a good time. We're doing a co-op preschool with three other kids and their moms from Kj's primary class. BTW, did I tell you that Kj is now a Sunbeam? And J is her teacher. He loves it! Anyway, we're starting out just one day a week for preschool to see how it goes. I hope we increase to two eventually. Along with the good learning and social atmosphere, it gets me some time with just M.

Speaking of M, my little baby is turning 1 this month! I can hardly believe that a year has passed by already. She is a walking pro, a blessing I thoroughly enjoy. It's nice to not have to carry her all the time. Some words she can "say" are ball, cat, hi (see video), dad, mom, and Nan (her aunt). I love my square-faced girl. She is generally very happy and easy going, though a bit too clingy to mom. I'm looking forward to when she can go up and down the stairs by herself. We need lots of practice on the down part.

Kj is cute and funny! Her hair is so long, and the prettiest color. She loves to play with her animals and tractors, making them talk, and she usually incorporates the many DVDs she watches into her play. We're working on potty training, and she will go pee on the potty now, but no luck with the other. Sigh. She doesn't really want to do it, but she doesn't fight it, so we're moving forward. She reminds me of Dash from The Incredibles, how he considered Jack-Jack the lucky one because he wasn't potty trained yet. I think she just doesn't want to have to worry about when she needs to go; she just wants to keep playing.

J is about to start his final semester of law school. Hooray!!!! Our last semester buying books, long hours of homework, finals, etc. Ahhhh, it will be so nice to be done. And then there's the bar, of course, but in seven months time, even that will be over and done with. He's done so well with his many responsibilities. I'm very proud of him.

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Warning: the video is a bit long, but super cute.


amydear said...

Um, your baby has something wrong with her tongue. But I really like that orange ball. And that video is way cuter on mute. Ha! You know I love you. And Ma-Knee.

Michael Family said...

I just kept laughing at her tongue being out, mostly because Anne just started doing that too. It is so funny! Malia is so cute!!!