Sunday, January 24, 2010

The perfect day

J asked me the other night what my perfect day would be like. I described two, one for a warm summer's day, and one for our current rainy, cloudy winter. Neither included playing with my daughters very much. What a bad mommy.

But yesterday was a perfect Saturday, and I was with the girls for most of the time. J is great about working with me to get in exercise time, so I went on a 7 or 8 mile run in the morning. He then headed to campus for some studying, and then came home to play in the afternoon. It was a beautiful, rare, sunny day, so we headed to the nearby duck ponds for a little walk. And sometime mid-afternoon, miracle of miracles, Kj pooped on the potty!!!! Wahoo! J whisked her away to Wal-Mart to purchased the promised headphones (Kj prefers non-traditional toys), and we lathered on the compliments and praise. I finished my cleaning in the morning so I could take it easy the rest of the day, and it was wonderful. M took two naps, I got my Primary lesson done, had play time with the family, and really enjoyed myself. I still wouldn't mind a day off from the girls though. :)

Now for a tangent: I despise potty training, but Kj's getting the hang of it. I told her last week I was done changing her diapers. I am so done changing her diapers. I informed her that if she wants to go to preschool and other outings, she needs to learn how to use the potty. Preschool is a good motivator. She'll probably be in diapers during the night for awhile, but she's using the potty! Hooray!

Little M turns 1 year old on Wednesday!!! She's a great walker, is trying to say tons of words, eats most foods, and wants to be in my presence every waking moment. She needs some toughening up too, but I think Kj will supply that. I am eagerly awaiting the day she can go up and down the stairs by herself. We're also letting her cry through the night instead of me feeding her. J is getting up to stick the binky back in, and he's a little tired. Poor man has had to wake up four nights in a row. Try a whole year, buddy! No, he's not complaining. He's the perfect daddy, very helpful and lots of fun.

The end.


Michael Family said...

yay for Kj! Just leave that darn binky where it falls and don't worry about crying! And yay for a perfect day. :) (my perfect day doesn't include kids either--I think because that is such a common thing that a perfect day would be different)

amydear said...

So, what is the perfect day? Cute birds on your background!

Maggie said...

Hooray for potty training!! Malia is such a big girl for walking! (I know you posted that awhile ago, but I can't remember if I ever commented). With your running-I was curious if you are training for something or just running to run?