Monday, December 7, 2009

Kj the tomboy

I bought Kj a cute pair of Christmas jammies, because she is really excited about the Christmas season. These jammies have cute sleeve cuffs, with a little red bow on each arm. While putting them away the other day, I noticed the cuffs and commented on how cute they were, including the bows. Kj has not chosen to wear them since that day. She does not like bows. I suspect that she thinks they might come untied, and then she'll have dangling strings, which she detests. But she is also not into the stereotypical girl toys, such as playing with dolls, kitchen, princesses, etc. One of her birthday gifts was a cute set of baby doll accesories: crib, high chair, and stroller. She played with them the day we opened it, and hasn't touched them since. I knew I should have exchanged them! We bought her some tractors for Christmas, thanks to Bob the Builder's inspiring show, and she found one on Sunday and brought it out to play. Oops on mommy for not hiding the presents well enough. Kj loves it though.


Joel Deehr said...

That girl is so funny

Michael Family said...

Ditto on Joel's comment!