Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Reflections

I thoroughly enjoyed the First Presidency's Christmas devotional this evening. The music was be-oooutiful! I love hearing an orchestra with singing. The What Child is This (or was it O Holy Night?) rendition was my favorite. Silly that I can't remember which song it was, eh? As I reflect on my family's many, many blessings, I feel a great desire to share what we have with others, especially as it's been so cold for this area. I know I have some warm clothing that I can give away.

Sharing Time in Primary was powerful today: I really felt the Spirit. Sis. Wilson reviewed the Christmas story and we sang a lot of songs. I love songs! As I paid attention to the words, I reflected on Mary and Joseph's experience, especially Mary's. Having semi-recently had a baby, I can't imagine having my first child away from my home, comforts, and familiar women, traveling by donkey to a busy city that doesn't even have a room for privacy. I hope she had some female support during child birth and recovery. I like to imagine that Joseph was a kind and caring man, but having a woman as a guide would be immeasurably comforting to me. Such humble beginnings.

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