Saturday, December 5, 2009

Running on and on and on

I am so tempted to snuggle up with my book and treat for the evening, but there is still much cleaning to be done. Sigh.

This morning a great friend of mine and I went for a great run and I had a great time. It was great! It was also very cold. I took up running again near the end of August, I think, and am enjoying it for the purpose it serves (i.e. toned buttocks/legs and good cardiovascular capability), but it doesn't have the love that dancing does for me. Still, it feels great to go out for a run, and while I'm tired at the end of the day, it's a very satisfying sort of tired. My honey is going to give me a massage too: my legs will be so happy.

I've run in three different places, and Utah is by far my favorite. There is no end to the hill running there. Drive up to any canyon opening and you can most likely run up it too. In Utah, I had a group of girls I ran with, and we dubbed ourselves the "S" runner: Sarah, Sariah, Stacy, and Shauna. We ran four days a week, and had such a good time! I miss the hills and the trails, the large variety of runs near my home. I ran with a group from a running store from time to time, and that was a great time too. Lots of running in the mountains on Saturdays. Ahh, trail running.

My second favorite place to run was Boston. I was lucky enough to leave near a huge wooded area, and I could run there for a long time on the trails strewn every which way. I got to know the lay of the land pretty well. Man, a person sweats a lot there, with the high humidity. I didn't have friends to run with, but I don't remember missing it too much. Maybe because I knew it was short-term. I lived there only nine months, and ran for eight of them there.

And now I live in Oregon, and the running is okay. The area of town I live in is very flat. I think the south side 9f town would be much more fun to run around in because it's so hilly and seems to have a lot of forest nearby, but I don't want to live on that side of town. Picky, picky, I know. It's great having my sister so close by; we run together one or two days a week, and then I run alone or with another friend the other days. I miss my Utah seven-mile temple loop that took me up great hills, and then it was dessert on the downhill. But I have absolutely no desire to live in Utah again. Guess you can't have everything, eh?


amydear said...

And my sister is slow and wimpy, but I don't want to mention that on my blog. Hee hee! It's fun to run. I like our headlamps. And you rock hills, you weirdo.

Lexi said...

Hills... I will admit to never liking hills much. Maybe it's because I grew up living on hills and always had to hike up them everyday with my backpack. Oh, and they were always a punishment in my athletic career. "Go run the hill, you have 7 minutes."