Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello friends! This post has no theme, just to warn you.

Great news: Kj is back on the potty again. The #2 part isn't going so well, but she'll learn eventually.

J's birthday is coming up, and I have some super fun, super secret surprises for Saturday planned. His birthday isn't until next Tuesday, but as he has work and school on the actual day of birth, in which he will wear nothing but his birthday suit, we're going to do the fun stuff this weekend.

Running is fun! I changed up my schedule and am now running in the daylight with my friend, the Redhead. We are good running buddies: we have a similar pace and motivation. This morning we ran hills and I am stinkin' tired tonight. Then again, I'm stinkin' tired every night. Why do people have more than two children? I'm pooped!

One thing I'm constantly working on (besides patience, charity, and keeping my mouth closed when I'm tempted to say something negative) is minimizing my carbon footprint on this great Earth of ours. Y'all know that I use cloth diapers (P.S. I recently purchased Knickernappies and love, love, love them!). Oregon makes it super easy to recycle, thank you Oregon! I also reuse a lot of my plastic bags, including freezer and sandwich bags. I try to not use them as much as possible. About a year or two ago I purchased some reusable shopping bags and always have them in my car. It's hard to find a plastic bag for the little trash cans sometimes! My next goal is to make linen napkins, since we can't recycle our paper ones here. The Redhead has a serger machine (uh, spelling?) that she is willing to let me use. I'm excited to finally get it done. I told myself that when I run out of this last package of napkins from Costco, I need to have the napkins done, but I really should do it before then, so when I have lots of company and I don't want to wash tons of napkins, I have some on hand. Ooh, should I set a date goal? So hesitant . . . not yet. I'm not ready to commit that time yet.

And of course, what would a post be without pics of my kiddos?

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Michael Family said...

I would like to see Jonas in just his birthday suit. Ok just kidding. You could just buy cloth napkins. They aren't really that expensive. But sometimes it is fun to make them. Some people in my ward said that about 20 years ago there was a drought so bad everyone had to use disposable diapers and paper plates! They tried to wash as little as possible. Yay for rain!