Sunday, February 21, 2010


Our good friends the Rexes live nearby, and we usually get to play with the girls once a week. Kj and Annie get along as well as expected for two eldest three-year old females. They played well together for about 45 minutes last week, building a temple on our kitchen table with Mega Blocks. The funny part was that all the blocks were in the living room and they ran back and forth about 50 times getting all the blocks to the table. Annie would say, "Let's get some more tinkers," and both girls would climb down from their chairs, run to the living room, grab one block, run back to the table, climb up on their chair, and add their block to the temple. I believe the finished product had five Angel Moroni's. Sorry for the somewhat fuzzy pictures.

I'm sad that Kj doesn't have a good camera smile, because she really does have a great smile.

Macey says, "S'up?"

Also, we have these letter blocks that spell "family." J gets a kick out of arranging them in funny ways. Ooh, his Saturday birthday surprises went really well. He loves the membership to the gun range. And I got five shots in the bulls-eye with his 9 mm. I was smokin'!


Britney said...

CUTE PICTURES!! That is so fun, yeah we don't have cool blocks so your house it a huge it!! And the kitchen is the best thing ever too... Don't worry I share with the girls :)

Lexi said...

Isn't it funny that when our kids are actually self entertained, instead of going off and getting those precious alone moments, we stop, take pictures and watch them in total enjoyment. Must be a mom!