Friday, March 12, 2010

Ain't that the truth?

Kj was listening to our family videos on the computer again, and one came up from last year. My side of the family came up last summer for 4th of July, and we had a fun day on the coast. The video includes some family members playing on the beach, and shows my parents throwing a frisbee. I start to sing, "Isn't it romantic playing frisbee on the Oregon Coast" in a not-so-pretty voice. Kj asked me, "What was that mom? Was that a dog?" I said laughing, "No, that was mommy singing." Kj replies, "It sounded like a dog." I was laughing so hard! I tried calling three or four friends before finally reaching one to share the story and laugh with me. It later occurred to me that maybe she did hear a dog barking in the background, as she's heard that video about 20 times before and has never commented on it before. Or maybe I just sound like a dog when I sing. :)


Joel Deehr said...


Michael Family said...

Whatever she heard, that is pretty funny timing to ask if it was a dog sound.

Klearbon said...

hehehe I love that! Kids are so honest! But i'm so sure you don't sound like a dog!