Monday, September 6, 2010

Four new posts below

J and I just bought our third desk since moving here three years ago.  Ridiculous, I know, but this most recent purchase is here to stay.  Our desktop computer was resting while we hunted for a new desk, and therefore I am behind on my posts.  So please scroll down through all the latest news in my incredibly exciting life.  Ha!

We finally cleaned out our garage for perhaps the first time since moving in.  We rented a truck to take things to the dump.  We completely emptied our garage except for the washer and dryer, swept it all up, reorganized, and now have more room!  What a magical thing cleaning and reorganizing is.  I was so happy every time I walked into the garage the first couple of days after cleaning it.  I've discovered I'm not a spring cleaner.  My deep cleaning is a year-round endeavor. :) 
M insisted on wearing the sweatshirt, glasses, and hat for cleaning.

The garage mostly emptied.  Nice floor, eh?


Michael Family said...

Yay for a clean garage! I just did the same thing, and it feels so nice! I also painted the floor with concrete paint to cover the grossness. You could do the same if your landlord let you. It's way easy.

Britney said...

All great posts!! I love to orginize too, getting rid of stuff is so rewarding. Great job on the race too, you are a inspiration to me! GO YOU!