Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kj started preschool!

Yes, my eldest started preschool on Wednesday. She was nervous to go and sad when I left, but at one point during the day she exclaimed, "This is fun!" My Kj is a homebody and doesn't like change, but I think she'll really enjoy her time at preschool. Thankfully her cousin is there too. I think that having a familiar face in the crowd is helpful.

I didn't put on a cute outfit or do her hair very well; we were in too much of a rush. But here she is on her first day.

M already wants to go to preschool. Poor first children. I feel really badly for them. We do it all wrong as parents on the first kids. We (hopefully) learn our lessons and treat the younger ones better. The younger ones get to follow the older and get a taste of all the fun things to come, so they're not nearly as scared. That's been my experience as a parent of my two girls.
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Michael Family said...

Yay Kj! I love her face in that first picture.

Adee said...

Oh, Shauna! You've reached a new era! I can't believe that KJ is almost 4! What? Where has the time flown?

Maggie said...

So fun!!! She is a cutie for sure and I'm glad that she is having fun. Congrats on cleaning your garage, but even more on your tri. Look at those guns- your amazing :) You look great. Hope things are going well.

Sarah L. said...

I love your pic up top;))) Did you have a cougar chasing you??? Kj sure is cute and all grown up. I bet she'll get used to school and hten be fine:)) Just be glad that she is getting used to being gone with preschool and not kindergarton. It's worst then:))

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

wow, for a little girl, M really gets going on that thing! HOpe KJ is enjoying school!