Friday, January 28, 2011

The saga of the cake

For those of you who care.

I like to make most things from scratch. I think it tastes better, and I know what ingredients are going into what we're eating. I made the cake the day before M's birthday, and made a double batch because I wanted to do the 3-D cake. J found this one online, and we decided to go for it:

Thankfully I have a talented sister who has taken cake decorating classes before, so I called and emailed for lots of advice. Like, what is fondant and how do I use it?

When I baked the cakes, almost all of them partially stuck to the pans when I took them out!!! I've never had that problem before. One of my sisters thinks it was because I tried to take it out when it was still warm, but I've always done this and never had a problem. I just don't know. She also had the great idea of freezing the cake, which made it a lot easier to piece together and decorate the next day, because they were all falling apart.

The piecing together didn't go too badly though. We chose the alien from Toy Story because I thought it would be the simplest to make. M didn't really care what her cake looked like, just as long as she got to eat it. :) The putting together and decorating took three hours, so all in all it took about five hours to make that cake! And it was consumed in 20 minutes. Sigh. Does that seem like an incredible amount of time and energy to anyone else? It was fun, though, and Kj was a good helper. I made all of this cake myself, and had a good time. J has been making the girl's cake for awhile, so it was fun to do one.

Here's the final results:

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A, M and S said...

why would we look at your blog if we didn't care?

It looks like it took you 5 hours to make something that would be consumed in 5 minutes! Go Shauna!