Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fluff vs. depth

My mind is reeling tonight with the things I've read and contemplated today: serious humanitarian work in Afghanistan and the sacrifices and hard work that go into it, repentance, and unity among women being the top three.

I just finished reading "Stone into Schools" by Greg Mortensen, who has done miraculous work in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I should say that he, his Dirty Dozen, and thousands of Pakistanis and Afghans have done miraculous work, building schools and vocational centers for females, providing drinking water for refugee camps, and other educational sources for older women who want to learn too. Some women in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, established an NGO to provide education for women, and the movement has spread like wildfire. My favorite quote from tonight's reading was, "When women take charge, things start to get out of control really fast." These women can not get enough learning and being with each other, after living such secluded and controlled lives for so long. It was awesome to read!

I've also been skimming through some Mormon women blogs who are bold in their study of the scriptures and currently, the history of RS, and are writing about it on their blogs. Sis. Beck, the President of the Relief Society organization for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would like us to study the history of Relief Society so we can gain strength and knowledge from our predecessors, and many LDS women are taking this task seriously. It is interesting and enlightening to read other womens' thoughts and see the incredible amount of energy they put into their studies. I've thought for some time now that my blog is very "fluffy." Posting pics of Kj praying in a tree or Moo jumping from couch to couch in pretty cute, and I don't think this is a bad thing to do. I've been feeling like I should stretch myself more in my blogging, but I've been scared to. I like sitting with myself and my own thoughts, and sometimes sharing them with hubby, but I don't consider myself a deep thinker, or that I have much to offer by way of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

I've started a new tact on my scripture reading that I've thoroughly enjoyed: studying by subject. The first subject I chose was repentance, and I've learned some wonderful things, as well as had my testimony strengthened in principles that I know. But I think I'll save that for a post of its own.

This last subject could also be a post entirely of its own, but I'll mention it briefly here. I wish that I lived in a more tribal society. A group of people that worked and lived close together, that really cared for one another. My sister lives close by, and I have one good friend, but our busy schedules make it difficult to get together. We all live in our separate homes, have to clean our separate bathrooms, mop our separate floors, take our kids to separate schools and activities, and sometimes we can see each other for an hour or two. I despise this way of life. I want to be with other women and their children, helping each other with tasks like cleaning, food storage, canning, sewing, studying the gospel and other topics together, not maintaining these superficial relationships that provide little emotional sustenance for me. I also think/fear that most people don't feel the way I do. Because the members of my ward are my only real social network, I can only make this comparison: I think that members of the Church are opposite of fair-weather friends. We're great to each other in times of need, providing meals and the stereotypical like, but when it comes to daily friendship and support, we stink. At least that's been my experience. I was much closer to my Utah ward, but we all lived within two to six blocks to each other, so maybe it was easier to see and support each other. Hence the desire for a tribal lifestyle. What I do know is that I ache to find "kindred spirit" friends. Good ol' Anne of Avonlea; She always knew the right words to use.


Klearbon said...

Hi! I can totally understand and see what you are talking about with living in a tribal like setting. Women need other women and if we don't get that interaction on a daily basis, life seems to just be harder for some reason! I wish we lived down the street from you guys, remember all the meals we would have together?? That was so much fun! I feel that way out here, I have a few good girl friends, but we don't see each other regularly because life gets in the way! Where are you guys going on your trip?

Michael Family said...

Hmmm, I am not sure a tribe is what you need if you can just find a good friend! I have friends I can call up and hang out with and have meaningful discussions with. It's wonderful.

amydear said...

You have more than one good friend! You are so outgoing and easy to be friends with; I'm not sure other people are quite the same. Sounds like you need a sister wife. Hee hee.

lisakcriddle said...

I just finished Three Cups of Tea by Greg M. It was very inspiring! Did you know he and his family live in Bozeman?