Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parental woes

What would you do if your 4 1/2 year old continued to wet her pants at least two times a day? This weekend was a doozy, with her going through 4 pairs of pants and underwear for three days in a row! I am having a hard time maintaining a functioning wardrobe for her with all these accidents.

And to top it off, my two-year old, the 25-month old (just turned two ONE month ago) is done napping. What is that all about?!? I thought Kj was a bad napper, but at least she napped until 2 1/2 years. So Moo is grumpy by 4 pm, and we have to deal with her for another 3 1/2 hours.

My parenting life is not my happiest right now. Thank goodness J's mom is coming down on Thursday to watch the kids for a couple of nights while we get away. Hooray! I am really, really looking forward to this weekend. No regulating kid fights, no worrying about my fully-functioning 4-year old who doesn't care if she pees her pants, no messes to clean, no child babbling to listen to. Sorry, I am a grumpy mama tonight.

I can't leave the post on this negative note, so let me talk about some good things:

- I'm feeling the baby move around sometimes, and that's fun.
- Spring is on its way. We went for a fun family walk today and KJ loved running around in the open air, exploring nature.
- J is done studying for the bar.
- Reading good books is a nice, relaxing escape.
- Talking with good friends is a nice thing to do, especially when they say they've been thinking about you. It's nice to be thought of.
- My favorite flower is lily-of-the-valley. Here's a pic for you to enjoy.


amydear said...

I would call my pediatrician (if I liked him/her) and get some advice about the potty thing. And then I'd go on vacation. Oh wait, you're already doing that! Me too! Yeah!

Tawny Crane said...

:) enjoy your escape.

Michael Family said...

Katie and Kj have similar bladders. Thankfully, Katie is FINALLY done peeing her pants (I hope) and I don't even have to remind her to use the potty anymore. There is an end! Although it takes over 2 years of potty training to get there!

Lily of the valley is the flower for May, which is my birthday month. yay!

Maggie said...

I'm so sorry. We hear you on the napping thing. It is rough. I'm sorry about the potty thing. I don't think I would have the patience you do. Potty accidents are really frustrating. Good luck and happy get away.

Lexi said...

Aunt Zina recommended "Positive Discipline" by Jane Nelson. I feel empowered by it, you might too. I love you Scout, hope you are having a better day.