Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Been awhile

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I also need to get a new baby widget, as little Seth has been an eggplant for two or three weeks.

We've been minivan shopping a lot, and boy, does it take up a lot of time! Our city is not large, and the availability is much more limited than the big city two hours north. We took the girls up north last Saturday to test drive a van, and were gone almost 12 hours!!!! The girls were great, only getting on each others' nerves the last half hour. We liked the van generally, and had it checked out by another mechanic. Unfortunately, they found a problem that could cost anywhere from $800-1700. Yikes! We were hoping that Kia (the make of the van we're hoping to buy) will cover the repair since it could be under warranty still, but we haven't heard from dealership since then. I think part of the reason is that we accidentally took the van on an extra 1 hour, 40 minute test drive. We took a different way back to the dealership from the mechanic to test it on the freeway, and turned the wrong way on the street that the dealership is on. The dealership was about 1/4 mile to the left, and we turned right! It was torturous driving in the car all that extra time, but the girls really liked being able to look out the windows.

So, no minivan yet. J and I are the impatient types, and just want to get a van purchased so we can be done with it. He's going to study for the bar again, and I was hoping to have a van purchased before he really dove into his studies, but it may not turn out that way. I think we won't be driving two hours north again. We'll try to find something in town, or nearby.

I love the spring sunshine!

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Tawny Crane said...

An extra 90 minutes? Lol! Hope you find a good van!