Monday, May 16, 2011

Quasi-governmental bureaucracies are weird

I have some student loans that I'm still paying off, and I recently sent in some paperwork to have my payments based on our income. I received a letter back from this organization stating that I did not sign the tax document. When looking through the simple two pages that I sent in to them, it was clear that both were signed in the appropriate places. So I gave them a call.

What they REALLY meant was that going through the steps that I sent in would take longer, and that they just needed a simple document that I already had at home. If I could send in that copy, making sure that it's signed, the process would be expedited. Um, okay. Why was that option not presented when starting this process in the first place? And why couldn't they communicate that to me clearly, instead of stating something completely false, like I didn't sign the tax document? Or they could have just taken the long route, I suppose, since it really would have worked. Is this strange to anyone else?

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amanda j said...

Bwahahaha! Sorry, but this totally cracks me up, because it is so true! I have had similarly strange experiences with other government agencies. (Try owning an undrivable vehicle; not driving it--that would be illegal--but not selling it, either. Drives 'em nuts.) It's like if they don't have a course of action specifically defined for them on a form, they just make one up. Nice.

Anyway, glad you apparently got this one figured out after only the second try!