Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Endorphins of the People

I went on a run last Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The city I live in is a running metropolis, and we have a nice trail system that parallels a rive on either side for many miles. The one downside is that the trail is concrete - just about the worst surface you can run on - but to have miles and miles of car-free running along a beautiful river is wonderful.

I passed many groups of people out walking and running. Some groups were large, some just a friend or two, one man I pass every week. Hi Stew! The great thing is that 97% of the people looked happy to be out there, breathing the fresh air, embracing the morning beauty, working their bodies to be healthier and stronger. I have two favorite groups I like to pass: the large group of walking women who are laughing and talking a mile a minute, and the super-fast college runners who make swift look easy.

As I ran, I felt endorphins flowing; mine and the endorphins of the people.

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amydear said...

How new age of you. You must live in Oregon. : ) I miss running! I need my hips to heal.