Monday, April 23, 2012


After having the materials sitting in my "stinky" closet for three or four months, I finally completed Little S's new bibs. Check! Now I can move on to indexing. Wahoo! Bunny sitting was a big success. Peanut Butter is a pleasant little fur ball and we all got used to each other. I think he even liked being chased by M. At the beginning of the week, he would hide behind or under the couch when the kids showed interest, but today he would go behind the couch to escape the clutches of our exuberant three-year old, only to pop out on the other side and make a mad dash for the next safe hiding place. M loved it. And Peanut Butter showed me his favorite spot to be scratched; right down the middle of his face, starting at his nose and going up between his ears. Because my sister's yard is fenced, we took him over there a couple of times to run around and get fresh air. Her kids loved chasing him around. He's a sweet little bunny and I'll miss him, but not the smell of his litter. Check! Sadly, that is all I have completed. I really need to start spring cleaning my house, seeing as April is almost over. I decided that it would be great if I could have help come in for about three hours a day. Then I could get a little nap and get work done without being interrupted, or the help could do the work and I could play with the kids. Maybe we could trade our duties depending how I felt that day. And if they would cook dinner three times a week, that'd be great too. Hubby and I are reading the Old Testament right now and I'm almost done with the children of Israel's 40-year trip in the wilderness, thank goodness! They are warned over and over and over and over again about not worshipping any other gods. This has caused me to reflect on my behavior, thoughts, and motivations. What are my other gods that I put before my Heavenly Father and his desires for me? Comfort. I like to be comfortable, and that's a very easy condition to reach in our life of ease and convenience. I need to stretch myself and work a bit harder to build up Zion, share the gospel, and share my wealth with those in need. I'm reading about Theodore Roosevelt right now, and he was raised in an aristocratic NYC family (think Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence). His family was very aware as their duty of the elite to help those who didn't have as much as they did, and Mr. Roosevelt was a wonderful philanthropist. I'm grateful for his example. Have I mentioned that I love wearing my skirts? They're so flowy and fun. I dance around the house a lot more.

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Amy said...

i meant to ask you today about your bunny sitting- glad it went well!! i wish we could have a pet. alas, three little boys is enough for me right now :)

i've been thinking kind of on those lines... about my priorities. i let things get in my way of the bigger picture way too often. here's to rectifying that!