Friday, April 13, 2012

Five For Friday, Quickie

I am participating in the Women in the Scriptures blog hop!

1) I LOVE magnolias and they are blooming! We walked to my favorite magnolia tree on Monday and snapped some pics. The woman in whose yard the tree resides informed me that there is a nearby magnolia orchard. Hooray! I hope to check it out on Sunday.

2) We are going to bunnysit. :) The girls are SO excited, especially Kj. She coined the phrase "bunnysit." I like that we can have a pet for a few days and then give it back.

3) Speaking of Kj, she said a funny thing. We had an unprecedented sunny day, and while looking at the sky she declared, "Look Mom! I didn't know the sky was blue."

4) I understand a bit better the parable of the mustard seed now. Have you ever tasted mustard greens? I am assuming they come from a mustard tree/plant, and boy are they potent!!! I separate them from the rest of my greens for my green smoothies. I'm not woman enough to handle all that spicy flavor. But I understand better now what Christ meant when he said if we have the faith similar in size to a mustard seed, we can do great things (I acknowledge my incredibly inept paraphrasing right there, sorry).

5) I am going to participate in the 1940 Indexing, but first I HAVE to get my bibs done! I've had the materials for about three months now. Finding time and energy to sew is hard to come by, but I will succeed!


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Ooh i want to bunnysit! That sounds like fun.

Amy said...

Kj is so funny- seriously, love that girl. And I just started indexing on Sunday- I am officially addicted!!