Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a lovely Easter holiday this year. Thanks to some wonderful Mormon mommy bloggers, the girls and I learned about Easter's true meaning together during the month before Easter. The Veggie Bunch and my sis-in-law came over for a scrumptious dinner, and I attempted an Easter egg hunt to teach the kids the true meaning of Easter. From time to time I think about my own death. I hope that I will live a good long life so that my family and I can grow and learn together, but I know about our life after death and it brings such peace. My sweet grandma recently died and I am so happy for her that she is resting in paradise. Kj asked me yesterday what made me the happiest and I told her that being with our family is when I am happiest. Our little family is eternal, and my life is filled with love and joy because of this.

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