Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids' Day 2012

After celebrating Mother's Day this year the girls concluded that there should be a Kid Day, and so for the first time our family celebrated Kids Day.  We declare our Kids Day to be the first Saturday of June. 

The day commenced with crepes with whipped cream and Nutella for breakfast, then bread sticks and fondue for lunch, and mac and cheese for dinner, I think, with various fruits and vegetables thrown in for nutritional value.  The girls scored a big Littlest Pet Shop toy with lots of pets, courtesy of a huge garage sale I went to about a month ago.  I think we went hiking too, but I can't remember very well.  After all, it was an entire week and a half ago.  No chores have to be done on Kids Day either. 

Do you have any sort of celebration like this, or are you like many other parents who feel like almost everyday is Kid Day?

 I know this looks gross, but they were actually yummy!

My girls, while not photogenic, really can be cute.

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Michelle said...

Kids day sounds like a totally fun idea! Maybe we'll have to try it when Baby gets old enough to care . . .