Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I know a lot of great fathers and feel very privileged because of that.  Starting with my Dad, he is always up for an adventure.  He is an animal climbing hills while mountain biking.  Some of our best memories are shared outdoors doing something fun.  I have a lot of my Dad in me, and I like that.  I like understanding a person fairly well, understanding their thought processes and motivations, and being sympathetic to their weaknesses.  I also knew while growing up in my parent's home that my father has high morals and expectations.  Sadly, I don't know if I tried to live up to those expectations at the time, but it rubbed off on me eventually.

My father-in-law is also a great man, and has a very similar history to my dad, and they're both named Jim, have dark (now graying) wavy brown hair and glasses.  We call my FIL Papa, and he also enjoys adventuring in nature.  Papa and I have a great dark chocolate exchange going on.  It's quite tasty.  He is a rock to our family, very dependable and loving.

And MY hubby is the best daddy to our children.  He loves to be with them, play with them, teach them, read to them, wrestle with them, sing and play guitar for them.  He and Kj have even gone shooting together.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for leading me to my husband.  He is loving, devoted, hard-working, companionable, fun, thoughtful, intelligent, and many, many other good qualities.

Thank you to all the wonderful men and fathers in my life!

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amydear said...

Those are fun photos! Jo looks so young.