Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hi again!  I would first like to say that summer is not yet over.  I am holding on to this beautiful season for as long as I can, and thanks to 90 degree weather coming my way on Friday, I feel supported in my quest.  Although school has started, autumn has not.  I am very defensive about the warm, dry months.  So enjoy the last two weeks!  Go to a local farm, pick some apples, make those preserves, maybe even splash in the water one more time. 

Poor Kj was sick for an entire week and a half.  Almost 10 days of fever every 8 hours.  The silly doctor kept telling me it was viral and I didn't believe it.  I wish we would have done a urine test last Friday because our weekend would have been spent as a family, but oh well.  Kj has a bladder infection and gross medicine to treat it and was on the mend after the first nasty dose.  Hooray! 

And thanks to hubby, I got a little vacation all to myself on Mt. Hood, and it was a beautiful weekend.  He stayed home with all the kids (isn't he awesome?!?) while I slept 10 hours one night and did whatever I wanted.  It was great, but lonely, and I would have preferred my family to be with me, even though that would have surely meant probably six hours of sleep instead of the blessed 10. 

There were people still skiing up there!

Mt. Jefferson in the middle with the Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor in the left background.  It was hazy from smoke.

My little hike along the PCT.

My little man is getting so smart!  He loves to sign what he can and is now taking my hand and leading me to where he wants me to go, usually to climb the stairs (I hold his hands so he can walk up) or put on his shoes to go outside.  I love the 12-18 month stage. 
Look!  It's his first attempt at smiling for the camera.  Not the most flattering face, but I was tickled.

Moo has sprouted up and thinned out.  She is really looking like a little girl to me now.  Okay, she has been for a year now, but she's looking older to me.  That girl loves to laugh, make trouble, be helpful, and ride her hobby horse around the house while wearing her pink cape. 

Kj starts kindergarten on Friday.  I'm excited for her, but wish she wouldn't leave.  I think she'll have a great time at kindergarten: she's already a pro at addition, but doesn't know how to read at all.  Interacting with her friends will be a challenge for her. I expect many tears of frustration and sorrow will be shed over the years.  I still feel some of the same insecurities that I did in high school.  I hope that means I can relate and be helpful to her. 


Michelle said...

So excited to hear Kj is starting school! Good Luck to you all!

Michael Family said...

S looks a little like Joel as a baby in that picture! Yay for a vacation and 90 degree weather. Good luck in kindergarten, Kj! You'll do great.