Sunday, October 14, 2012

Funny Stuff

~ 1 ~
Let me begin by stating that I am an uptight, efficient control freak who likes things done my way.  My HH, on the other hand, lets people do things the way they want to do them and hardly gives it a second thought.  One evening we were having pizza for dinner and he was making the crusts.  I can whip out a crust in a few minutes, but it is not a beautiful crust.  HH is also very methodical, but man does he make good food while making it look good too.  Amazing!!!  Watching his methodical ways was too much for me because I kept nagging him about his slow ways, how the crust doesn't need to be perfect, how long it was taking him, yada yada yada.  Lucky man, eh?  So I was delighted to find this little message on my crust before putting on the toppings.  (Because we par-bake the crusts, which is a brilliant idea one of my awesome sisters passed onto me.  Par-baking eliminates the soggy crust syndrome.)

~ 2 ~
Our big girl, Kj, lost her sixth tooth last week, the second big one on top in the front, so now she has a great gaping hole in her mouth.  And because she pushes her tongue forward when she speaks, she lisps!  It is so cute!  I'm trying to teach her about putting her tongue on the roof of her mouth, but I don't think she knows what I'm talking about.  She inherited her tongue thrust from me.  I had to pass on something to her.  

~ 3 ~
Moo and Little S think it's hilarious to ram into each other, Moo on her tricycle and S pushing his wagon.  Makes me laugh too.

~ 4 ~
I love watching my children play together because they create some funny games.  Like fetch on the stairs, for instance.


Michael Family said...

That pizza crust is pretty darn funny!

Chantelle said...

Love your little message in the pizza there! Have to say I've never thought of par-baking pizza crusts, but I might have to give it a try! Thanks for the tip :-)